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In our opinion the cut of a diamond is the most important characteristic and has the greatest overall influence on a diamonds beauty.
well cut diamond can make light perform in magnificent ways resulting in a wonderful display of brilliance, fire and scintillation. 

The amount of light reflected. 

The light dispersed into the colours of the spectrum. 

The rays of light which flash when a diamond is moved.

 The combination of the table size, pavilion depth and the crown angle, affects the diamonds power to reflect light.

The two aspects of a finished diamond.

The condition of the diamonds surface. 

The shape and angles of the diamonds facets.

The polish, symmetry and the thickness of the girdle, affects the diamonds overall cut grade.

The facet’s and sections of a brilliant cut diamond


Light Performance 
With an ideal (excellent) cut diamond, light rays from all sides are reflected towards the center then reflected and dispersed back through the top, in a magnificent blaze of light.

When a diamond is cut with to much depth, most of the light escapes through the sides which is due to the light being reflected at the wrong angle by oppisite facets which can make the diamond look black in the center. When a diamond is cut too shallow the light escapes through the bottom, which can make the diamond look dull in reflection.



Ideal cut diamond
In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky created a formula for cutting diamonds to produce maximum light reflection and refraction. The proportions and the precise angles he chose became the basis for the modern round brilliant cut, which is also known as the American Ideal Cut.

Since 1919, Tolkowsky’s measurements have been modified resulting in a few variations of that cut. Today ideal or (excellent) cut refers to the endeavour to cut a diamond to achieve maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation.

Tolkowsky – Standard American Ideal (Excellent) Cut

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