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Born billions of years ago deep within the earth, diamonds are nature's miracle. They are the hardest element known to man, and have the rare power to reflect light. The precision with which your diamond is cut will determine it's brightness, excellence and ultimate beauty.

All diamonds are precious but no two stones are alike, although they may look identical to the naked eye. To understand these differences is to understand the 4C's, Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight. It is these characteristics that ultimately determines the value of the diamond.

All diamonds sold at Matthew David are selected for there outstanding quality, to assure the customer's everlasting value and satisfaction. All our diamonds come from reputable suppliers and all our certified diamonds are officially certificated by the Gemological Institute of America.

G.I.A are the most stringent with their grading, and has the most internationally recognised diamond certificate. It was G.I.A who were the creators of the famous 4C's in their mission to protect purchasers of gemstones by providing their education and laboratory services.

That's why at Matthew David the only certified diamonds sold are G.I.A.

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